Decorating a Large and Empty Wall

We realize exactly how hard it very well may be to discover motivation when gazing at a totally unfilled and large wall. It’s very understandable to get bothered by the abundance of choices this empty area presents but not actually be able to decide on what to hang on it.

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Moving toward your unadorned divider with a little bit of idea helps put the wheels in movement. Here we have listed some ways and ideas on how to decorate a large and empty wall. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Single Piece

While this decision may feel evident or simple at first look, choosing to design a blank wall with only one piece takes guts. But doing this will make you decide on that single piece that you feel is special and worthy to be put up alone on a large and empty wall.

Now the hard stage starts yet again. Finding the one piece fit for such noticeable quality can end up to be overwhelming. If you are having that crisis, you need only remember one thing. It ought to be something you love and feel passionate about. It totally does not have to fill the entire space. And it’s okay to take as much time as you want looking for or deciding on what to choose.

A few tips would be to choose a special artwork or photograph, a mirror, a painting, or anything that you feel special or that you feel will match the ambiance of the room. Situate this piece above the sofa or between other pieces and place it at eye-level.

2. Paired Pieces

If hanging up one single piece is an option, hanging two pieces will also work great. Also if you are having a hard time deciding on one single piece, then you can make it two. Two frames will spark interest to the onlooker. This method is flexible and you can do it however you want.

To give you an idea, photographs and artworks can be displayed in two different ways. First, one piece of art or photo can be split into two and be displayed alongside each other to make that one but separate approach. Second, 2 different pieces of artwork or photos but are related together can be framed and hung alongside each other.

The way to pulling this look off is through consistency. Which means, the two pieces should match and complement each other, having coordinating edges and be adjusted on a level plane on the wall. For example, the color, finish, frame, etc. should match.

3. Clustered Pieces

This is perhaps the easiest and the most popular way of decorating a large wall. All you need are a couple of pieces, group them together, and voila! This type of style is flexible. It can be made out of a several bunch of frames that look similar or identical with each other, or

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There are a lot of things you can hang on the wall to fill the empty space and make it stylistic. Ready your walls for that design statement. If you need drywall installation, contact your local contractors.