How to Protect Your House While You are Away?

Even now, home burglary and invasion were never actually removed from society. However, their threats must never be the reason to be fearful as you live your life. So, take the initiative to make sure that your house is secured and minimize the possibilities that a crook will even try to give a second look at your home. To do that, check out the tips we’re about to discuss below: 

Turn down your doorbell and leave a radio on 

One of the cheapest ways to make your home appear as if someone is around is to use a battery-operated radio. And since a lot of thieves knock or ring the doorbell to check whether anyone is around, you may turn down your doorbell’s sound as well.  

Ask one of your closest and trusted neighbors to help you look out for your house 

Let them utilize your trash cans outdoors, collect your delivered packages, newspapers, and even mail. When thieves notice that newspaper and mail are piled up nearby empty trash can become an obvious hint to any passersby that you’re probably off your home for some time or you’re just not home. When you are planning to travel during the winter season, request your trusted neighbor to leave footprints that leads to your front door or make tire tracks in your driveway to come up with the illusion that no one is in the house. Meanwhile, you can also pay someone to have your yard maintained and your grass cut especially if you take a prolonged summer vacation.  

Disconnect the automatic opener and lock your garage door 

Though this is the most basic home security thing you can do, it’s actually one of the most neglected steps to keep your house safe while you’re on a vacation. Garage doors appear to be impenetrable forces. Meaning, we tend to forget to do more essential steps in making sure that they are locked or secured. However, when you are about to be gone for several days and you will not need the automatic lift anyway, why won’t you just have it disconnected and include an easily added security layer. 

Make sure to recheck all of your windows and doors before leaving 

Guarantee that your home is as secure and locked up as it can be even if you’re not present in it. Make sure to leave the blinds and curtains open as well to provide the idea that somebody is inside your house. Take note that most thieves target homes that have obviously been closed up.  

Put timers on your lights 

Choose some rooms in your home to remain lit so that potential burglars to won’t notice that you are actually gone and went on a vacation somewhere else. You can do this by putting timers on your lights– particularly close to your entrances—and set when it should be switched off and on a timer at a particular time of the day. Keep in mind that a bright home can welcome friendly visitors, however, a dark home can welcome unwanted visitors. Contact a trusted yet cheap locksmith near me now.